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ChoppedLogic has been creating new pieces of theatre since 2004, with the aim of incorporating both the visceral energy of devising and the thoughtfulness of original, intricate text. We would like our audience to be engaged, questioning, and thoughtful. As creators, we want to keep exploring; try out new media, research ideas, write, tackle difficult material, and always reach for something special.

Cassie Werber - Artistic Director
Cassie has been running ChoppedLogic since 2004. She co-wrote and performed in Paramour, wrote and directed The Runaround and Double Negative, and directed By the Way.

She also works as a freelance director, with companies including New International Encounter, Eastern Angles, Scarabeus, Told by an Idiot, Contemporary Clowning Projects, Polka Theatre, dreamthinkspeak, The New Wolsey Theatre, Platform for Art, Future Cinema, Teatro de los Sentidosa and Oily Cart.

Cassie - who also goes by her real name, Dorcas - is a member of the Total Theatre Editorial Forum, and a regular contributor to the magazine. She is a member of the Young Vic Genesis Project, and works for Creative Partnerships.

ChoppedLogic's shows have been created by a hugely talented network of artists, including:

Gilbert Taylor
Nina Fog
Sydney Smith
Joseph Carswell
Sarah Lawrie
Jenevieve Chang
Lawrence Werber
Emma Choy
Liana Gould
Haruka Abe
Aya Nakamara
Susan Momoko-Hingley
Stavros Demetraki
Kevin O'Loughlin

Other Creative People
Hannah Quigley
Beccy Smith
Steve Rafter
Sophie Neil
Susannah Henry Wood
Cis Boyle
Kirsten Burrows
Dean Firth
Justin Jones
Clare Finburgh
Noëlle Renaude

Socrates Mitsios
George Torode
Katerina Drakoupoulou