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Double Negative
"A powerful and thought-provoking piece."
Evening Star
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Double Negative
"Sometimes in the broadest of daylights they would come, scrunching their tyres into the gravel and darting in like mice into a mouse hole. And I didn't want to harbour suspicion, like a scorpion in a boot, twitching the lace curtains and suspecting, but I wondered, you see. I started to keep a little list..."

Devised by the company and based on the script by Dorcas Werber, Double Negative explored the seamy side of British suburbia. When John, living alone in a row of identical houses, begins a surveillance operation of the house next door, it is not clear whether he is a concerned citizen or a sinister curtain-twitcher. But as the story of the young Chinese woman Mai begins to unfold, we realise that his suspicions about the house next door have strong foundation. When Mai appears in his house, unable to speak English and desperate for help, John's motives, and his innate goodness, are tested to the limit.

Double Negative is based on real events, and contains verbatim text from local news stories. Devised over the period of a year in close collaboration with a group of performers and other creative team members, it contains elements of new writing, of installation, of dance, and of bilingual performance in both English and Mandarin.

Double Negative reached the third round of the prestigious Verity Bargate Award at Soho Theatre, and was Critics' Choice in Time Out. It was supported by Eaves Housing for Women, The Poppy Project, and Stop the Traffik.

Double Negative received funding from Arts Council England, The Oval House Theatre, The Peggy Ramsey Foundation, The Unity Theatre Trust, and The Mageni Trust. It was developed in collaboration with the Camden People's Theatre, the Pulse Festival, and the Oval House Theatre.