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The Runaround
"Theatre doesn't get much more intimate than this...An exciting piece of physical theatre from up-and-coming company"
Morning Star
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The Runaround
In a hot London summer, Ada becomes obsessed with television. It alternately broadcasts the Olympic Games, and footage of a war in which her partner is fighting. As the two begin, in her mind, to be linked, we meet a host of characters exploring the tender territories of international competition, race, violence, and our exposure to images.

The Runaround was developed through workshops and scratch performances at the Battersea Arts Centre and Camden People's Theatre.

A hugely ambitious piece, The Runaround tackled the idea of what it is like when someone you love works in the armed forces; of the exhilaration and fear of fighting, and the links between sport and violence. Performed on a tonne of sand, The Runaround was a highly physical, visceral experience, which ranged through time and space, from modern London to 1930s Berlin.

Still at a workshop performance stage, The Runaround is set return closer to the Olympic Games in 2012.